Impact Investing | ˈɪmpækt ɪnˈvɛstɪŋ | (adj., verb, noun) — A strategy that seeks to generate positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.

An ambition for transformative change.

Norrsken VC exists to drive capital towards solutions that tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges and allow us to live within the limits of planetary boundaries. We're impact-agnostic, backing teams solving high-severity problems with scalable, transformative potential across the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

While our focus is unrelenting, we are just a small player in a wider ecosystem. We partner with likeminded investors and partners to help scale the impact asset class. Together, we hope to make systemic change while plugging the funding gap and prove that impact and financial returns go hand in hand. Why Impact? Why not?

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What makes an “impact company”?

Must have a 1:1 correlation between sales and impact.

We back startups with impact at the very core of the business model. If you kill the impact, you kill the business.


Must contribute towards a social or environmental goal.

And that goal must be measurable and intentional as a company scales.


Net positive impact.

It’s not just about doing good, it’s also about not doing bad. We help each of our companies understand and mitigate their adverse impacts.


Must aspire to inspire other impact startups.

This is where the companies of tomorrow should be. We only work with founders that want to help create the ripple effect.

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We are here to invest in and support the companies making a difference, for people and planet.

Our five step process of Impact Investing


Aligning goals
with impact

Review of how the company’s goals align with at least one UN SDG.



Evaluate ‘net’ impact potential, analyse data, test hypotheses and conduct an Impact Workshop.


Setting impact

Choose impact KPIs, set targets and include impact commitments in the Shareholders agreement.


Portfolio support
and management

Monitor impact KPIs, track progress, build impact capability and ensure compliance with our Responsible Investments Policy



Go deeper with our investing framework in our open source Impact Resource Hub

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We’re serious about impact

Commitment to

As an Article 9 or 'Dark Green' fund, 100% of our investments need to fulfill the EU’s definition of a 'sustainable investment.' Our resolute focus here is one of our core strengths, allowing us to guide founders through the messiness of tracking impact.


We take a pragmatic, 'progress is better than perfect' approach. Our strategy involves offering startups workshops, templates, tooling, and advisors to make their ESG reporting run as efficiently as possible.


This pragmatic support enables our startups to efficiently meet sustainability goals, allowing them to quickly return to running their businesses with confidence.

The results are in...

Our 50+ portfolio companies have big ambitions – and big results. Get to know some of their impact goals and achievements.

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Impact. Aggregated.




Is estimated to have been saved across our portfolio in 2022, this equals the total emissions of Switzerland




Of our invested capital has had a measurable impact across at least one of the United Nations Sustainability Goals.



Jobs created created within our portfolio. It averages to over 70 positions per invested company, which in turn would mean an employment rate of 245%.



We're a proud article 9 or "Dark Green" fund. That means all our investments have one of 17 SDGs at their core. Get to know the nitty gritty in our disclosure agreements.

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